Retainer Plus

We recognise that although the vast percentage of business owners want to build more sales there is not always capacity within the current organisation to set aside dedicated time to build a robust development plan. Often, with new businesses, there is also not the cash flow to enable bringing in a new recruit to the team and all that this would entail. i-BDM was designed to fill this gap and work with these business owners to offer a flexible business development service that would be relevant, efficient and cost-effective.

Foundations is the entry level of our suite of services where we offer 15 hours of dedicated business development per month to get you in front of the right ‘buyer ready’ prospects. We have developed a process to enable this for our clients to create impact and bring business opportunities to you. Typically the 15 hours will be developing strategic contacts, a prospect list, where we know your services or products will be relevant – there is nothing ‘cold’ about our approach and we ensure that those we are contacting will be interested in what you have to offer. Of course not everyone will buy at that stage but the information we build on your behalf will show you more about the perception of your product, which of your competitors are being named time and time again, other routes or markets where you are so far unknown and the best ways to initiate conversations with the correct decision-makers.

We start on an initial 6-month ‘Retainer Plus’ agreement and work closely with you every step of the way. Following this if you are happy with us and we are happy with you then we move to a rolling 12-month agreement to really start developing those business contracts. We make no bones about the fact that the retainer pays our bills but it’s the commission on sales that means we stay honest to our brief and stay focused on developing leads and sales as we mutually benefit.

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