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Introducing i-BDM

i-BDM has been providing hands-on business development and sales consultancy into SMEs since 2011. We work in sectors as wide ranging as deep technology, innovation, software development, cyber security, security services, defence & security, specialist training and lots more besides.

Firstly, as an independent business development manager, our clients can expect high quality and high impact delivery of leads. We provide qualified introductions, strategic partnerships and sales delivered on a flexible basis.

Our work is borne out from years of experience in working closely with SMEs, startups and innovators. Therefore, we understand the way in which the day-to-day operation of doing business means we often lack time to focus on our business.

Above all, our mission is always to work with you to ensure sustainable and long term growth.

Our Services

Why use an “independent”?

Firstly, taking on an independent business development manager through i-BDM provides you with this business development and sales consultancy expertise to quickly grow your business without the costs and risks associated with full time employment. Importantly, this is useful for testing new markets or new products.

Secondly, i-BDM was designed to work directly with business owners and innovators to offer a flexible business development service that would be relevant, efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, we understand the challenges faced by growing businesses so we provide a solution.

Above all, there is nothing ‘cold’ about our approach and we ensure that those prospects we are contacting will be interested in what you have to offer.  In this way, we ensure our introductions are fully qualified and high quality. In this way, we focus on quality above all else.

Business development for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Getting your product, service or solution to market and in front of the right customers, strategic partners and investors .
Lead generation

Strategic Lead Generation

Working with you to ask “who would your ideal client be?” and creating a specific ‘hitlist’ to make high level introductions.
Business development for startups

Growth SMEs & Startups

Thriving SMEs now looking for rapid growth into new sectors where your product/solution can add value and grow sales.
Research and Development for Innovation

Research & Development

Assessing the current funding opportunities for you and assisting in the concept development and prototype.
Business development and bid management

Special Projects & Bid Management

Project management, internal & external business projects, monitoring & responding to public tenders.
Business development and bid management

Non Executive Director Services

Providing your business with independent NED services to focus on advice, guidance and growth strategy.

Defence innovation

Defence, Security & Government

Targeted engagement with agencies and departments within MOD, Home Office and Government to explore possibilities and exports.
International export business development

Resellers & International Partners

Locating, recruiting and managing international partners and channel resellers for rapid growth in new markets overseas.
Customer Stories

What kinds of businesses do we work with?

Essentially, i-BDM is a specialised and highly focused service for SMEs looking for active business development and sales consultancy.  Therefore, we tend to specialise in innovation. However, as part of the rich tapestry of ‘business development’ we tend to get involved with a whole range and variety of different businesses each in different sectors and each with their own story to tell. You can read through these, looking at how an independent business development manager works. Crucially, you can see if they resonate with you and your business. If they do, get in touch using the contact form below.

Software innovation


Working with truly disruptive technologies and developing opportunities for niche solutions in new markets.

Read more

Selling to corporates


SMEs with huge ambition and drive to work with the big beasts of industry and supply into large budget contracts.

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International resellers


So, the UK market – done! What next? Global ambition and strategic partnerships across the world for global sales.

Read more

Startup business development


Many startups share the same challenges, the same excitement and the same processes. Can we learn something?

Read more

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